Choir Ministry - Adult and Youth bless the congregation with songs  of praise and prepares us for worshiping and hearing the Word of God, while touching the hearts of those gathered in the sanctuary. 

Deacon and Deaconess Ministry - Deacons are the Pastor’s Armor Bearer who works in conjunction with the Deaconesses and together they enhance the spiritual matters of the church and assist the pastor in duties as needed.

Floral Ministry- Is expressed in lovely floral arrangements for our services, also makes decorations for celebration occasions and creates lapel flowers for the celebration of special days in the life of the church.

Light House Missionary  -  Reach out to those in spiritual, economic and physical needs within the church, community and foreign mission.

Men’s and Women's Ministry - Are two groups that have similar goals each working within their gender group.  The Men’s Ministry and Women’s Ministry come together to support the needs of men and women respectively and to work prayerfully within each group for insight and spiritual growth. 

Retirement Ministry - Are senior members who are here to share with us their wisdom and experiences of life to provide encouragement and to help mentor our younger members.

Scholarship Ministry - Encourages our youth to remain in school and to further their education. This ministry assists with small scholarships to support our students as they continue on to higher education.

Sunday School - Encourages all to come together on Sunday to study God’s word. This ministry is instrumental in teaching, guiding and stimulating children and adults to learn more about God and his lessons for Christian living.

Trustees Ministry - Are diligent stewards who encourage all to support the church with tithes and offerings for the elevating of God’s kingdom here on earth.

Ushers Ministry- Adult and Youth Is the first impression of God’s love that greets our visitors. They are the doorkeepers in the house of the Lord and they insure that visitors and members feel welcome. They support all the services and programs of the church by fostering orderliness in God’s house.

Youth Ministry - Is integrated into the spiritual life of the church, so as to provide a place of sanctuary, and to involve them in wholesome activities in the work of the church. They are active in our worship services; attend Sunday School, Youth Bible Study, and sing in our youth choir.